2015: Shifting Our Focus to Medical Anthropology.

Since 2012, the major focus of MHIRT-Peru has been on the biochemistry of medicinal plant mixtures. Using our databases of individual plants and plant combinations, we began with two-plant remedies. Most experiments confirmed prior findings regarding anibacterial activity and toxicity. However, phytochemistry is the area in which we have made little progress. In 2013, although we isolated what appeared to be a new molecule, we were unable to identify it. Subsequent efforts in 2014 were unsuccessful in replicating the work from the year before. We will try again in 2016, when MHIRT-Peru´s exclusive focus will be on phytochemistry.

In 2015 we concentrated for the first time on medical anthropology surveys in local communities. We are seeking to determine the persistence of medicinal plant knowledge and usage in various communities in the region, including the nearby community of Moche. Results of this survey have been presented (here) and will be compared with what we learned from earlier work in three Trujillo clinics (conventional, herbal, and complementary) in an effort to support EsSalud´s innovative phytotherapy program.

Since MHIRT-Peru will again be focused on biochemistry in 2016, we are considering the inauguration of an ethnographic field school focused on a survey of medicinal plant knowledge and use in traditional communities in the mid- and upper Moche valley. This will be a tuition-based program meant to complement a similar program in archaeology and community development out of the University of North Carolina, which has been running under the direction of Dr. Brian Billman and Alicia Boswell (PhC) in the Trujillo area since 1998. For information on our possible new program, please contact Dr. Douglas Sharon at sharon.douglas0@gmail.com.

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